Professional Moving Service for Moving House with your Pets

Professional Moving services for moving house with your dogs

Moving to a new house with your pets can be really exciting. At the same time, it can be an intimidating task if not executed carefully. A Professional Moving Service company can lower the chances of unexpected problems when changing address with you and your family’s beloved furry friend.

What makes moving house stressful for pets?

Moving house with a pet can be stress inducing for them. Pets like cats and dogs are territorial by nature. They get familiar with their everyday surroundings and environment and view it as their space or territory. Moving to an unfamiliar environment can cause your pet to get anxious. Anxiety is known to induce territorial aggressive displays in pets. Becoming familiar with and settling into new surroundings is not easy for pets.

Knowing if your pet is stressed or anxious

When pets undergo considerable changes in their mental health, it often reflects in their physical actions. Different pets show different behavioural changes when you move house. Dogs are known to panic, bark excessively, hide and even show destructive behaviour or run away in extreme cases. Cats on the other hand show rather subtle signs of anxiety/stress including excessive grooming or fur pulling, urinating or defecating outside the litter box, and even being off their food.

Tips for moving house with your pets

Before you move

  • Make sure that the new house is suited to your pet.
  • If possible, take your pet to the new property and give them a treat to ease anxiety.
  • Think about exercising them in the area to help familiarise themselves with the neighbourhood.
  • Make suitable travel arrangements or have your house removalist company take care of it.
  • Get new identification tags and update all information wherever necessary.
  • If your pet has a pre-existing stress/anxiety disorder or any other health condition, make sure to visit the veterinarian beforehand.

During the move

  • If your pets are not crate trained, the smart way to do it is to have them be taken care of somewhere else to reduce anxiety and avoid the risk of them running away amidst the chaos.
  • If they are crate trained, you can be by their side and help them better deal with the sudden change. An experienced furniture removalist knows how to best pack and move your precious belongings along with safely helping your darling pet get on the journey to their new home.

After the move

  • Make sure to stick with their usual routines of meals, walks, etc.
  • Spend as much time with them as possible and make sure to give them lots of love.
  • Try not to leave them alone as they get used to the new home.
  • Check for any signs of changing behaviour and get them medical help if needed.
Professional Movers & Packers

Why you should opt for a Professional House Moving Removalist for shifting to a new house with your pet

As you can now realize moving to a new house can be a tough experience for your pals with paws. Moving house is a challenging and complicated task in itself and can create problems or lead to mishaps if not done efficiently.

For a worry-free and safe moving experience, it is advised that you get in touch with movers and packers near you who can skillfully pack and transport your furniture and other belongings to your new home.

Your pets are safer under the able supervision of experts who have plenty of experience in helping house owners with pets move to a new property.

JL Movers, one of Australia’s best movers and packers for moving house with your pets

Whether looking for a service provider for big or small moves or searching for an affordable and cheap removalist near you in Australia, JL Movers is a trusted name servicing major cities like Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, etc. and their surrounding areas.

Our expertly trained staff has the skill set and know-how required to safely transport your belongings to your new house. We can arrange secure and comfortable travel provisions for your beloved pets and make sure their journey to their new home with you is a safe and happy one.